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various Platform Engineering roles.

Dominique (Dom) DeGuzman is a community-taught* software engineer with a background in enterprise desktop hardware support and formalized public speaking. After years in hardware, Dom used building and troubleshooting Linux machines as a jumping point into software and tools development. While working on the Platform Engineering team as Infrastructure & Security Engineer for Cloud Services at Twilio, she focused on AWS management, development pipeline, infrastructure monitoring, and internal communications tools. Building off of Atlassian’s products, she’s built and customized internal intranets, wikis and issue/bug tracking systems. As part of the Systems Engineering team, she’s built, tested and managed systems such as LDAP, Jenkins, Nagios and AWS. She’s utilized configuration management tooling such as Puppet and Chef to manage and provision engineering infrastructure and deployment and focuses on developing secure tools to automate cleaner and faster deployments.

Utilizing her background in Platform Engineering, Dom now divides her focus between development and engineering training. She runs an internal engineering education program to teach and assess product and development standards focusing on cloud security, build & test, operations, architecture & resiliency and properly equipping support teams. 

Alongside development, Dom is a co-founder and co-organizer of the Diversity & Inclusion program at Twilio, and sits as an advisor for Twilio's Women's Organization and Spectrum (LGBTQQIAA+) Employee Resource Group. Outside of Twilio, Dom is the San Francisco City Director for Lesbians Who Tech, an organization that highlights and elevates queer women in tech. She also helps organize two Diversity & Inclusion startup coalitions with over 40 other companies: Diversity Advocates and the LGBTQ ERG Alliance. 

In addition to helping startups create and improve their Diversity & Inclusion programs, Dom is also an advisory board member for Alliance Health Project and a contributor to Elissa Shevinsky’s feminist anthology, Lean Out: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Tech and Start-Up Culture. She uses humor and personal story telling to speak about the importance of diversity and inclusion, battling the brogrammer culture, how to overcome impostor syndrome, and encouraging more women, LGBTQQIA+ and other underrepresented minorities in the field to pursue a future in STEM related fields.

Outside of her career, Dom enjoys riding her motorcycle, playing with everyone's dogs and traveling. She currently resides in San Francisco, Ca.

* Community-taught is a concept that acknowledges a nontraditional path (no formal STEM degree) to learning a skill, such a programming. Community-taught vs self-taught acknowledges the use of tools, curriculum, mentorship and study groups curated by the community.