Dom is always looking for ways to give back to the community. Here is a list of some community involvement that she has participated in previously. Looking for volunteers or want to join in giving back? Click the Contact link above. 

Volunteering to give gifts on Christmas Morning

Since middle school, Dom's family tradition is to start Christmas morning by volunteering with an organization that helps provide families with a hearty Christmas meal and gifts for the entire family. This organization has given hundreds of families the ability to enjoy the holidays without the burden of worrying over the financial aspect. 

Volunteering to feed families on Thanksgiving

Another long time family tradition is to start every Thanksgiving morning by volunteering with an organization that helps provide families and community members with hearty lunches and early Thanksgiving dinners. This organization also provides clothing and bags of groceries.   

Volunteering with CODE2040

Along with other Twilio team members, Dom assisted CODE2040 students with sprucing up their LinkedIn profiles and providing helpful career advice in a small group format.  

Volunteering with Level the Playing Field 

Similar to her involvement with CODE2040, Dom also participated with many other Twilions in helping Level the Playing Field students explore and excel in STEM related courses and careers. 

Volunteering with Girls Alliance 

Another event with Twilio, Dom worked with many female Twilions to help, engage and inspire middle school girls into pursuing STEM. At the Twilio booth, a "selfie" app showed students an easy way to engage your cell phone using code. 

Volunteering with Mama G's Thanksgiving

Many years running, Mama G's Thanksgiving continues to feed the community that lives in and around Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco. Mama G's is compromised of LGBTQ and ally community members from all over and serves a Thanksgiving feast the Sunday before Thanksgiving. 

Community participation at The White House 

The White House LGBT summit held in June 2014 brought together community members from all over the country including, Transh4ck, Lesbians Who Tech, Get//Out and many more organizations to discuss the ways the government are and can continue to help the LGBTQA community.  

Volunteering with Hackbright Academy 

Hackbright Academy is an accelerated coding bootcamp for female identified people. It serves to bridge the gender gap that currently exists in the tech industry. Along with other Twilio employees, Dom helped students with an introduction to APIs using Twilio. 

Volunteering with Project Open Hand

Project Open Hand aims to help the elderly and ill by providing meals, love and groceries to them. Dom and other Twilions helped in cutting, prepping and packaging 150lbs of oats, 350lbs of salmon, 75lbs or onion and 100lbs of celery.  

Volunteering with GLIDE

GLIDE is a volunteer run organization in San Francisco dedicated to the socioeconomically under privileged. They provide compassionate meals and community, serving over 2,163 meals a day to seniors, families and children. 

Mentor for ChimeHack2

Dom will be a 2015 mentor for ChimeHack2. The three-day hackathon will convene technology-sector leaders and rising stars, along with issue experts and non-profit leaders, to create tech-driven solutions focused on promoting safety for girls and women